Hey there! 👋

I’m Alison, a UX designer living in Zurich and originally hailing from Montreal.

My scholastic background is in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Understanding how people chunk, process and interpret the world around them is one of my all-time favourite topics. Spending my university years reading articles about neural responses was fun, but there was always something missing - colour!  

After university, I changed tacks and became a Graphic Designer. I worked in the luxury industry for several years, making marketing materials for jewellery brands. Basically, I stared at a screenful of diamonds everyday - it was awesome, not gonna lie. Now, however, I was missing the study of people.

Enter UX Design - the meeting point of design and cognitive science! Moving to a new continent was the ideal time to pivot my design career to focus on crafting user experiences.

My UX strengths lie in translating research into real-world designs; in finding creative solutions for user needs while also capturing their imaginations. My visual design strengths lie in typography and in creating clean, clear and well organized layouts. I top it all with touches of delight to make it all pop.

Is your team searching for a UX Designer?